90 minutes - $500

For those short on time, regular friends may schedule 1 hour appts at $350/hr with approval.

If you have seen me before for that allotment of time, please inquire with me personally as I will continue to see certain friends for that amount of time, at my discretion.


2 hours* - $600

* This is the minimum required for any date which includes cocktails or a meal. I prefer to keep things as natural and un-rushed as possible. 


3 hours - $800


4 hours** (Dinner/Lunch date) - $1,000 
 * * Rates may be subject to adjustment if you plan to book extended dates that will be spent entirely staying in. An extended date is considered at least 4 hours and typically includes some public and some private time, but this is all played by ear.


 5 hours - $1300


6 hours - $1500


12 Hour Overnight - $2,000

Typically an overnight encounter includes both public and private time, as well as a meal. I do need my beauty sleep, so 6 hours at least is appreciated. This option is not available for first-time friends.


Would you like to keep me for the day or go on a weekend holiday? 

Please inquire for all-day and travel packages which are absolutely available after an initial meeting. 

 I also offer monthly arrangements for well-known friends.




Social Time
Sometimes it's nice to get to know your date a little or just have some companionship in a public arena when you may not have an opening in your schedule for the private time later. I pride myself in always being an engaging, charismatic woman who is an absolute pleasure to look at. Feel free to book me for any spare moment you may like to share with me. Social time rates do not include any non-public time and are mainly designed for companionship out on the town.


 $100 per hour


Please note: Screening is still required for social dates, they are in no way a replacement for it. If you would like a date which includes public and private time, please refer to the considerations above.