Learn a Little

First of all, I would like to thank you for taking the time to get to know who I hope will be your newest favorite Playmate!


I'm a mostly non-touring companion in my late-twenties hoping to meet gentleman in the area looking for the "total package". I am educated, tactful, and intuitive about the kind of partner in your fantasy you need me to be. I offer an outstanding GFE and like to keep things very discreet. I don't have many reviews for that reason, but the ones I do have are just about perfect. If I do anything in this world, I want to do it to the absolute BEST of my abilities. No matter what my profession, I always want to leave the best impression possible. 

I am very personally invested in each encounter I have, therefore, my intention is to refrain from seeing more than one gentleman per day. I am not typically available for same day or short notice appointments but always feel free to contact me especially if we have met more than a few times as I try to be flexible when possible for my regular friends.

You can be assured that if you have scheduled time with me, that whole day will be spend preparing for our time together. I strive to make sure that every experience I provide is as genuine as possible. As much as you may be spending all morning in anticipation of meeting me, I will be as well. 

I am aware that not everyone will fancy me or my style and I don't expect them to. Yes, I am a young and beautiful woman with plenty to offer, but I'm not perfect and will never claim to be. My talents involve more of the ability to behave perfectly - in any situation. I pride myself in being confident, with a nice dose of humility thrown in for good measure. ;)

I also have a legendary sense of humor and am probably the most hilariously witty person you'll ever meet..I'm also quite humble, lol. 

To give you an idea if I might turn your head, here are some particulars:


I have wavy deep chocolate brown hair that falls to my mid-back and matching almond shaped eyes which are complemented by naturally soft olive skin. 

My face is quite expressive, and routinely lit by my easy smile made by some of the worlds most lovely lips and perfect white teeth.

I top off at 5'4 and 140 lbs, worn very well. You'll almost never find me out of heels and I never wear padded or push up bras. I don't like creating an image that leaves someone surprised when the lingerie comes off. I have beautifully natural 38D's and am very proud of them. 

If you're a man that appreciates someone completely natural who will seduce your mind, as well as your body, I'm right up your alley. The most beautiful women can often be just that - a beautiful woman. What I hope to give you is the "complete package". The beauty, the brains, the personality, the body and of course, the attitude that we all wish our partners would have in life, as well as in our intimate times together. 

I prefer professional, sophisticated, affluent men between the ages of 35-60, please be honest about this. There can always be exceptions in life but for the most part, this is what I am comfortable with and no amount of negotiation will change that.

I'm extremely discreet and will never contact you first unless you ask me to. I am very detailed in what I do and if you become a regular visitor, I will absolutely remember you and what you like. I truly believe this is about you and I making a connection. I intend it to be one that you'll leave thinking about and will think of again in the future.

As a side note, I don't "get down to business" right away like some ladies do.  I consider our time together to be an actual date and will treat you as my date. I prefer to allow things to progress naturally. The spark between us will be as real as it can be. I'm confident that once we meet - I wont need to tell you that.

My donation is not negotiable and should not be dificult for you to provide. As I said, I am not for everyone and if you cannot afford the indulgence, please do not contact me. I will always treat your boundaries with the utmost respect, all I ask is the same in return. 

Let me leave you with this thought....it's only going to get better, I do hope you join me for the ride....

My sincerest pleasure,

Estella Ayres