Please initially contact me through e-mail. Typically I am not available to book same-day appointments so please pre-book when you can. I LOVE A MAN WHO PLANS AHEAD!

[email protected]   



If you would like to set up a time to meet me, the following are my screening requirements. If you are uncomfortable providing this information, please do not contact me. Every woman has different methods, but I take my personal safety as paramount. I am completely willing to sign a confidentiality agreement if needed. 
In your initial e-mail or contact form please include:


Your Full Name

Handles on any boards or review sites you participate in


Phone Number

(I will not call or text it unless you ask me to)

Proposed date, time, and length of meeting

City of Residence

A brief physical decription

(always appreciated) 


1) Your P411 ID (if applicable)


2) The name and contact information for other reputable providers that you've seen. I prefer at least 2 as it's more likely I will get a timely response.