Damn the Radio!

May 12, 2013

I've recently been getting some flack from some of you wonderful gentleman fans out there for not having written something new in awhile. To celebrate - lol - I decided to shut you up and get on it!

I don't know if anyone else ever notices this - but since I'm one of those poor people who still listens to normal radio fairly regularly while in the car, I hear the same advertisements over and over again when I don't jump to turn the channel.  One thing that you might not know if you're not me, is that every spring and summer concerts and festivals happen all over the place. It doesn't matter if somewhere is warm all year, when the midwest has warm weather, people go crazy no matter where they live, and suddenly want to go out and do things. So more shows and events are booked during our traditional warm months and that mean....more contests to win trips to go to all these shows. There's also more contests to win money as well as "primo" bags and whole overseas cruises to see a band play. I hear about them on the radio all the time.

Now I know we're all young at heart, but I'm sure some of you remember the days of being younger and sitting in front of a radio by the payphone or the phone in your house, just waiting to call a million times and try to be the 100th caller or whatever is required to win these little contests. We'd all like to scream and be heard making an ass of ourselves over the air as we win a pair of

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Another Day in the Life

July 14th, 2014

Tonight as I was pulling into the alley where the entrance to my underground garage is; I saw a lovely example of my usual surroundings that I thought you might enjoy.


At the beginning of the alley, alongside the dumpsters and ever-present carpet of cigarette butts and broken glass, lay a possibly drunken vagrant with a cane beside him. His legs were splayed out onto the pavement of the narrow alleyway while his head and torso rested on a slab of sidewalk on the edge of a parking garage he'd decided to call home for the moment. He barely moved out of the way when my car passed by He most likely only noticed me because the evening was descending upon us, and my headlights were on.


I passed him along and noticed a few feet away, a young hipster looking man with a pork-pie styled hat, which complemented his checkered slacks. He was on his cell phone. He paced back and forth across the width of the alley. I could hear him very clearly, I could even slightly hear the person he was speaking with. There was also another person further down the corridor almost at the end - a woman; she too was on her cell phone, ignoring the real world around her. Neither of these people seemed to have the slightest clue about the bum sleeping on partial sidewalk only a few feet away from them.


In the middle of all of this - almost directly across from the gated garage I was to enter - stood three more people. However, they were neither on their phone nor passing out in some way.

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March 21, 2014

Today I would like to talk about discretion.
It occurs to me recently that perhaps my definition of discretion is different from others around me in the community.

For example:

It doesn't seem very discreet to me to go on a trip and list every person you see on the ‘ladies only' white list the day, or sometimes moment, after they have left so basically any of the ladies is able to put together when your meeting together was. Sometimes these posts even contain the time when someone was met with.

Personally, if I plan to "whitelist" someone, I usually have a group of them I wait to do together or long after we have met. I would also never include information as to when we met or the time. It's all very general and boilerplate. If someone needs more specific information in private, they can contact me privately.
Partially, this is to ensure discretion and partially it is to make sure I do indeed want o give that reference since sometimes there can be instances where something happens after the meeting which might change my mind.

It doesn't seem very discreet to me to keep everyone constantly updated on your every move. If you have someone not show up for your appointment, even when it may be one out of 20 others you've seen on a tour, starting a thread in which you decide to blacklist them if they don't contact you to apologize within 24 hours is a bit much.

When someone visits a city for over a week, it's probably very common that a few of the many appointments they would need to sustain traveling like that, probably wouldn't

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Late Night Shopping

I don’t know about you, but occasionally I find myself going to a 24-hour store like Walgreens late in the evening when few others are shopping. Usually, it’s for an item I forgot earlier in the day…or sometimes just due to late night craving for something terrible for me.  J It always seems like these situations inevitably lead to a sighting of a weirdo or humorous moment. A few nights ago, I was reminded of that yet again.


As I said, I walked into a Walgreens around 11:30 or maybe midnight and went right to the side of the store where the food is kept. On my way, I passed a man in his early forties in the pharmacy section He was black, average height and body, bald and wore a t-shirt with Kraft on it, I assumed he worked at the factory. He briefly looked me over as I walked towards him, waited until I passed, and looked again. This is an expected response upon passing most men his age (especially the ones out by themselves) so it was no surprise.  Even when you’re not made up, as a younger woman – pretty much every man of a viable age does that.


I got what I needed at the other end of the store and headed to the register at the front. The man I noticed earlier was also heading to the register with the few items he had. He was before me, so I stood and waited behind him while a younger black guy with curly hair and dorky black-rimmed glasses prepared to ring us out.


Although I was appearing as if I wasn’t paying attention, I rather quickly noticed…

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