The "Hey, I Thought I Would Give it A Shot" Technique

December 7th, 2012

So last night something interesting happened to me. I was walking back to my place after having taken my puppy outside and as usual, someone stopped me to pet her before I got to the door. For those of you who have seen my little dog, you understand. She is super small and super cute, and SUPER friendly, so she gets loads of attention from anyone who passes her on the street, or sometimes even out of a moving car. When she was a puppy, people were known to have actually pulled their car over so they could pet her and ask me about her when she was out on walks.

Needless to say, this person who stopped me to pet her was of the male variety. He looked as though he was probably in his mid-to-late twenties and had clearly been in one of the neighboring bars for a few earlier in the evening. He wasn't belligerent by any means, but I could tell he'd had an after work drink or two.  So he tells me how cute my dog is and yadda yadda, and then introduces himself. 

Seemed nice, so I played along and shook his hand and answered his questions about where I was going and where I lived - vaguely - but politely, and smiled. After a few minutes of discussion and some flattery from his side, he apparently decided he should make his move. Keep in mind this is about 10 minutes or less from him having introduced himself. He turns to me and says, "would you like to invite me upstairs to maybe look at your view?"

Now for those of you who know me, you probably are aware that I would have to stifle a laugh before responding to this. I did so, and then said "no" of course, adding, "I don't even know you, I'm not inviting you into my home."

He seemed surprised for some reason (as apparently he thought this little ploy would work wonders) and then offered, "well, what questions would you like to ask me so we can get to know each other?"

This, I found, hilarious. To think that it would only be a matter of a few questions and you could simply not have to take a lady out, buy her dinner, etc, before you got upstairs into her house. If it were only so easy, people would never ask anyone out and everyone would just meet each other on street corners, I guess. At that point, I said to him, "there are no amount of questions you could answer, I'm just not that kind of girl."

Luckily, some bum came up shortly after that and distracted him by asking for crack or something, which was also quite the pleasant impression, since they seemed to have spoken before. I took the opportunity to say, "nice to meet you," and then scurry with my puppy into my place, leaving him and his silly "shot" out in the cold. 

The whole experience just left me wondering if that tactic actually ever worked on anyone. I hope for their sake, there are no women stupid enough to just meet some guy on the street and invite him into their home without so much as a drink before-hand. However, I will say this, it's always nice to get hit on when you have on absolutely no make-up, are wearing rain boots and a heavy coat, and have a tiny dog in a pink coat trailing after you. :)