The Dangers of Eating Out

January 22nd, 2013

I know, I know, you were all hoping that by the title, this was going to be about some sexual innuendo. Sorry fellas, I meant "eating out" literally. But don't worry, my brain definitely ends up in the gutter too plenty of the time.

Here's something that occurred to me, yet again, while out to dinner with one of my friends the other night. Sure, we were probably in the restaurant for a good 2 hours between her getting there late, my taking my sweet time and reading while I was eating before she arrived, talking, etc. However, just because we were there that long, does that mean we have to talk to the stupid manager walking by over and over? Honestly, he probably stopped by our table 4 or 5 times within that 2 hours. He might as well have just sat right down and joined us. Not to mention, there was also the overly anxious waitress coming by every 5 minutes too. Now I know what you're thinking... he's coming over to our table all the time just because we're two attractive ladies. Of course that was true, but I also saw him doing the same thing to all the neighboring tables without cute ladies at them. 

It seems that people who work in restaurants have no concept of time and are always thinking that time is going much faster than it is because they have to haul ass. While I appreciate what they do, and that they are trying to speed things along for those who might be on a time crunch, if you're not - it's just super annoying to be checked on constantly. What I'm getting at here is that if I wanted to have dinner with the dorky manager of some place or the waitress, I would just ask them. Other than that, I don't really want to exchange pleasantries with them all the time or really at all. I almost said to this last one, "Don't you have something better to do? Go back to your little office or go clean something, quit bothering me." But of course, my friend told me that would be mean so I didn't get to say it. She's always keeping me from saying exactly what pops in my head whenever I feel like it. Damn her, lol. 

It's like someone looking at everything you're buying at the grocery store while they ring you out, and then making comments about what you're buying. It's none of their business and they should just shut the hell up. It makes me glad that there are more self-service lines now. If I wanted some old guy to comment on the condoms I'm buying then I would probably have asked him to go shopping with me. Just do your job and keep your mouth shut until you get home, and then feel free to laugh about all of it with your friends or significant other. That's the classy way, lol. 

Food for thought ;)